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Applications for the 2024 Class are due by June 15th. Please join us for an informational webinar on June 15th, 1 PM ET!

Church Affiliates

Help your members understand the times and live with clarity, confidence, and courage!

Christians increasingly find themselves confronted with an array of social, ideological and cultural challenges. Believers are hungry, maybe even desperate, for guidance from church leaders. Help your members develop a satisfying biblical response to cultural pressure points.

Affiliate Testimonials

“We live in urgent times and Christ followers need to be equipped more than ever to respond to the cultural issues of our day with both truth and compassion. I highly recommend every church consider enrolling a team of their key leaders in the Colson Fellows Church Affiliate Program.”

– Ray Williams, City Church Network, Little Rock, AR

“I think it is imperative that the church regains a Biblical Worldview.”

- JD Shanahan, Pastor, New Hope Nazarene, Billings, MT

“It will be vital for the church in the next decade to winsomely engage the culture with the most thoughtful and well-reasoned answers to cultural challenges. We will use the Colson Fellows Program to help us advance the cause of Christ in our city…”

- Eric Creekmore, Director of Church Planting, Hill Country Bible Church, Austin, TX

“I did not appreciate just how vital the Colson Fellows program would be on the front end… I think any pastor who is going to preach, teach, and disciple in the world we are in, should invest in the Colson Fellows program. They will not regret it!”

– Brad Williams, Senior Pastor, The Chapel, Gainesville, FL

“The Colson Fellows Program has been one of the most enriching and equipping experiences for our people. We are most thankful for the Colson Center in partnering with us for the advancement of God’s Kingdom through the local church.”

– Stacie Johnson, Equipping and Worldview Formation, Fellowship Church Knoxville

“Our world is in the middle of the most seismic shifts in most of our lifetimes. The Colson Fellows Program can help followers of Jesus grow in their ability to remain steadfast during these cultural moments.”

– Cecil Linke, Lead Pastor, Journey Community Church, Allen, Texas

Put it to the test. Enroll up to four leaders, tuition FREE.

Still not sure if this is right for your church? Choose up to four leaders from your church to participate in the next class TUITION FREE. Upon completion of the Program, if you don’t think that the Colson Fellowship will meet your church’s needs then we will part friends and you’ll have contributed to their spiritual development and—there is no contract or commitment on your part!

If, however, they discover what more than 3000 Christian leaders from every walk of life have found to be a “transformational” experience, then we can help you establish a Colson Fellowship Program at your church, led by these newly commissioned Fellows from your staff and/or congregation.

Hear what pastors are saying:


Who will lead our Church Affiliate?

Church Affiliates of the Colson Fellows Program are facilitated by either your staff members or designated lay leaders who have successfully completed the Colson Fellows Program. If there are currently no commissioned Colson Fellows on staff or within your congregation, we will provide up to four full scholarships. (Number of free scholarships is based on the average attendance size of your church, with a minimum of 2 provided for every church.)

How much does the program cost?

As a licensed Church Affiliate, churches enjoy a generous revenue-sharing arrangement that enables them to affordably provide and administer the ten-month Colson Fellows Program to members of their congregation. A Senior Relationship Manager will review the details of that arrangement upon receipt of the "Let's Get Started" form.

How are the finances handled?

Each student pays their tuition directly to the Church Affiliate. We will then invoice the church for those students who remain enrolled as of October 1st. This allows your learners to get settled into the Program and ensures that you only pay for those students who are likely to complete the Program. We strongly recommend that students bear the cost of tuition as this is a graduate-level program and investment on the part of the student proves very helpful in their commitment to finishing the Program. Books are approximately $200 and should be purchased by students from a resource of their choice.

Let’s Get Started


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“The Colson Fellows Program is not just another Bible study or small group experience. The materials and format provide the backdrop for some of the most engaging conversations you can offer the people in your church. Students will be challenged to consider their core beliefs and gain confidence in addressing the most divisive issues in our culture without having to resort to a defensive and divisive tone. The whole process is not just focused on educating but on providing a formative opportunity. Our world is in the middle of the most seismic shifts in most of our lifetimes. The Colson Fellows Program can help followers of Jesus grow in their ability to remain steadfast during these cultural moments.”

– Cecil Linke, Lead Pastor, Journey Community Church, Allen, Texas

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