Applications for the 2024-2025 Program will be open in January 2024.

Regional Cohorts

Be part of a Fellowship unlike any other.

Regional Cohorts are local learning communities where Colson Fellows-in-Training meet each month in cities across the country. Most Cohorts meet on Saturday mornings (if Saturdays do not work for you, please contact us to discuss potential options).

Dialogue in Community

Lead by a team of commissioned Colson Fellows, Regional Cohorts meet to process, review, discuss, and practice what they are learning with fellow students. Regional Cohorts offer face-to-face interaction, accountability and support throughout the Program. Offered coast-to- coast in a city near you; this format option allows you to visit a Cohort in person to see if the Colson Fellows program is right for you.

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Online Cohorts

Join Your Online Community

Online Cohorts offer the same dynamic interaction and support but in an entirely virtual setting. With cohorts available in each U.S. time zone, the online format allows you to participate in the Colson Fellows program at a time which fits your schedule.

Join the Conversation

Online Cohorts are highly interactive learning communities where students are able to meet online each month, using online video conferencing, to review and discuss what they are learning with their Cohort leaders and fellow students.

Additionally, Online Cohorts will occasionally host leading thinkers, scholars and speakers on relevant cultural topics.

Online Cohorts in the U.S.

Pastor Cohorts

Study with your peers

Pastor Cohorts offer an Online Cohort option for Pastors* to study with their peers, led by Colson Fellows who are current or former pastors. Simply select ‘Pastor Cohorts’ if this is your preference when applying.

*The Colson Center affirms that men and women have different but complementary roles and responsibilities in marriage, family life, and religious leadership, therefore our Pastors Cohorts are limited to men.

Hear what church leaders are saying

Shepherd Wisely

Christians across the nation are increasingly finding themselves assaulted with an unprecedented array of ideological and cultural challenges and they are looking to you for guidance. Our Pastor Cohorts offer you the opportunity to participate in the Colson Fellows Program with your peers in a safe and confidential setting facilitated by pastors who have been through the Program.

The Colson Fellows program will provide you helpful insight into today’s ideological and cultural challenges and not only equip you to protect your people from their destructive influence but also equip them to boldly and faithfully live in these uncertain times.

International Cohorts

Around the World

International Cohorts operate in Australia, Canada, India, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea and the European Union. This format offers the same dynamic combination of regular gatherings, online study, and collaboration with fellow students and alumni.

Global Reach, Local Impact

With increased globalization, ideas and innovations are spreading further and faster than ever before. So too are the defective worldviews, ideologies, and cultural influences emanating from the West. Christians across the globe are increasingly finding themselves confronted with post-Christian, post-truth ideas that are radically re-shaping our world.

International Colson Fellows are standing against this tide of destructive ideas in their communities with biblical wisdom, faithfulness, and courage.

Join one of our International Cohorts and be equipped. If there isn’t a Cohort near you, then you may be eligible to join one of our Online Cohorts. Contact our office for more information.

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