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Redemption is not an abstraction.

Chuck Colson, the founder of the Colson Fellows Program, understood personally that God has the power to accomplish great things through imperfect people. His own trials and the redemption he found in Jesus Christ inspired Chuck to build a robust discipleship program that would reverse the Christian evacuation from intellectual life and the public square. Today, this program equips Colson Fellows from all walks of life with a biblical imagination that enables them to understand the times and respond faithfully in any arena God has called them to.

His own experience drove him to build a program that would help Christian leaders to live out "a biblical view of all of life."

A Rich Heritage

In 1976, Chuck Colson founded Prison Fellowship, now the largest Christian non-profit serving prisoners and their families. As he ministered to inmates, he found that many of the root causes for their incarceration were found upstream from the prison system, in the prevailing culture.

Chuck's Response

As a response to this reality, he established the Colson Center for Christian Worldview in 1991 to help Christians understand how their faith connects to all parts of life, and motivate them to effective cultural engagement.

Our character is determined not by our circumstances but by our reaction to those circumstances.”

― Charles W. Colson, The Good Life

Engaging the Culture

In 2004, to provide broader and deeper training, he initiated the Centurions, an entrepreneurial program designed to educate Christian men and women in worldview, culture and cultural engagement. Under Chuck’s leadership, he had them read the best books, listen to the best teachers and speakers, and develop their own personal plan for serving the Lord in unique ministries in their communities.

A Lasting Legacy

When Chuck Colson passed away in 2012, the program was renamed Colson Fellows. Today, it continues to fulfill his vision. Over 2,000 people across the nation and in a dozen foreign countries have completed the program. Today, a record number of men and women participate in the program through Regional and Online Cohorts. Additionally, Christian Schools and churches are equipping their leadership, faculty and staffs through our Academic and Church Affiliate programs.

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