Applications open December 1st for the 2022-2023 Program.

Church Affiliates

Equip your church members

Help your members develop a satisfying biblical response to cultural pressure points.

Christians across the nation are increasingly finding themselves assaulted with an unprecedented array of ideological and cultural challenges and they’re looking to their pastors and church leaders for guidance. The Church Affiliate Program offers churches an opportunity to offer and facilitate the Colson Fellows Program in and through their churches, led by trained members of their staff or congregation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will lead our Church Affiliate Cohorts?

Church Affiliate Cohorts are facilitated by either your staff members or designated lay leaders who have successfully completed the Program and are commissioned Colson Fellows. If there are currently no commissioned Colson Fellows on staff or within your congregation, we will provide up to four free “seats” to candidates whom you designate to serve as leaders in the inaugural year of the program and every year thereafter, as needed. We will provide support and training throughout the delivery of the Program to your designated staff or lay- leaders.

What is the program schedule?

We recommend that you don’t accept applications after June 1st as there are “pre-reading” assignments and informational sessions in July. The Program begins on or about August 1st when all candidates are given access to the Online Learning Platform. The Program concludes in May of the following year and candidates who have successfully completed the requirements receive their commission as Colson Fellows.

How much does the program cost?

Through a license agreement, Church Affiliates purchase a minimum of five seats in the Colson Fellows Program at a cost of $450 per candidate (normally $900). Additional seats can be purchased at the same individual rate as needed. There are additional book costs for each participant of approximately $200.

How are the finances handled?

Church Affiliates purchase seats from the Colson Center for only those candidates enrolled as of October 1st. This allows your learners to get settled into the Program and ensures that you only pay for those candidates who are most likely to complete the Program. Candidates pay their tuition to the Church Affiliate. We strongly recommend that candidates bear the cost of tuition as this is a rigorous program and investment on the part of the candidate proves very helpful in their commitment to completing the Program. Books are purchased by each candidate from a resource of their choice such as Amazon.

Interested in the Church Affiliate Program?

If you have questions, we’re here to help. Schedule a conversation with S. Michael Craven, Director of the Colson Fellows Program. We exist to serve the Church; we look forward to talking with you!

Academic Affiliates

Excellence in Worldview Formation

A hallmark of Christian school education has been the promise to help students “develop a Christian worldview.” Yet almost all school leaders admit their worldview education is among the weakest programs in their curriculum.

A Christian education leader lamented, “We’ve been teaching Christian worldview from day one. Not only are we not doing it well, we are finally realizing we have been setting up our kids for failure. They are grossly unprepared to live a life of faithfulness to Christ in today’s world.”

Equipped to Inspire Others

The Colson Fellows Academic program is designed to provide worldview training and mentoring to equip K-12 Christian School leaders and faculty. Faculty dive into a curriculum of the best contemporary worldview and cultural engagement speakers and writers, including Os Guinness, Chuck Colson, John Lennox, Thaddeus Williams, John Stonestreet, and Alisa Childers. They participate in regular webinars with many of these same authors to interact with their latest thinking about the Church and culture. Daily Bible study and cultural analysis provide an ongoing reinforcement of Christian worldview thinking and evaluation. Substantive interaction among the Fellows also takes place on regular basis to help engage the issues.

Fellows develop their own mission and vision statement as well as a three-year plan for implementing what they learn in their school or community. As they are transformed, they help transform the people, school and community around them.

Some of the schools utilizing the Colson Fellows Academic Affiliate program include Hickory Grove Christian School (Charlotte, North Carolina), North Raleigh Christian Academy (Raleigh, North Carolina), Prestonwood Christian Academy (Plano, Texas), Hillcrest Lutheran Academy (Fergus Falls, Minnesota), Little Rock Christian Academy (Little Rock, Arkansas), and Grapevine Faith Christian Academy (Grapevine, Texas).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is required of our school to be an Academic Partner?

There are no requirements per se except a shared vision and a willingness to allow us to serve you and your school. We begin the process by having you complete a basic application, which will provide us with the pertinent information about your school. After that we will schedule an initial meeting either in-person or by Zoom to walk you through the program and answer any remaining questions you may have.

How many staff members can I enroll each year?

We will admit up to four staff members each year at the discounted tuition rate.

How will staff members attend and/or participate in the Program?

Academic Partners will enroll their candidates in either one of our Regional Cohorts (if available) or one of our Online Cohorts where they will participate in monthly meetings alongside other Colson Fellows-in-Training.

Does the Academic Partnership tailor the Program specifically to educators?

All Colson Fellows-in-Training participate in the same program using the same curriculum as the truths presented apply to every aspect of reality and every vocation. However, as an Academic Partner, you will have access to special features such as interactive sessions each month with Dr. William E. (Bill) Brown who, for twenty years, led two Christian universities. Here, Academic Partners can gain practical insight into the integration of worldview into every aspect of education. Additionally, Dr. Brown is available to our Academic Partners to offer insight, advice, counsel and encouragement to those laboring in the field of Christian education.

Are Colson Fellows eligible for CEU credits?

Yes, ACSI will award 5 “Bible” Continuing Education Units for those who successfully complete the Colson Fellows Program.

How much time is required each week to complete the Colson Fellows Program?

The estimated time of study ranges from 6-12 hours per week including daily devotions, reading, all other elements of the curriculum and monthly meetings (note: some of this time will replace existing time spent in daily devotions and reading). As this is a graduate-level program, which contributes to your staff’s professional development, we recommend that you allocate some additional time for your staff to participate in the Program.

What happens after our staff members become Colson Fellows?

The Colson Center has and will continue to develop a range of state-of-the-art educational tools and curriculum for use in training teachers, administrators and students in topics ranging from the foundations of a Christian worldview to the biblical perspective on current cultural issues. We will work with those commissioned Colson Fellows on your staff to make them aware of available resources and their application. This way we provide your institution with staff and faculty who are trained in a deeper understanding and application of the Christian worldview to every aspect of education and the tools to influence everyone from teachers to students and their parents.

Spotlight on Hickory Grove Christian School

Jimmie Quesinberry

Head of School

Timisha Brynildsen

First Grade Teacher


Dr. Seth Cohen

President, Jupiter Christian School, Jupiter, FL

“Christian school teachers with a robust, working Christian worldview are equipped to inspire their students to lead with their lives because they themselves have been inspired by God’s compelling vision for our world.”

Dr. Shayne Grove

Middle and Upper School Principal, The First Academy, Orlando, FL

“Serving as the Assistant Head of School in an independent Christian Academy, it is vital that I can effectively navigate today’s culture and re-shape it in a way that is pleasing to God.  I’m excited to partner with other Colson Fellows to strengthen my own biblical knowledge and continue to develop a solid Christian worldview to assist me in working with future Christian leaders. “

Billy Hutchinson

Dean of Academics, AP Capstone, AP Psychology, Hickory Grove Christian School, NC

“The Colson Fellows program was a great way to connect with other individuals who are interested in reading great books, growing in Christ, dialoguing about important Gospel-related matters, and seeking to be agents of change in the culture. The program is not for anyone who does not like to be challenged; but the rewards are worth the challenge. I would recommend the CF program to anyone who has interest in worldview thinking and how to respond to the challenges believers face “in this cultural moment” in a way that engages others with both the truths of Scripture and the grace, mercy and love found in Christ. I look forward to how God will use my participation in this program.”

Dr. Shannon Bomar

Former Director for Professional Development, ACSI

“Often in Christian education we talk about worldview as a lens through which we see God’s creation and the world around us, and while it most certainly is that, it is so much more. A robust understanding of worldview is a deepened understanding of the whole story of Scripture and who I am as God’s created and called. . . The Colson Fellows program helped me ground and deepen this understanding and my purpose. Worldview is so much more than my perspective on Creation or knowing which Scripture supports a particular question or topic. It is who I am and how I live – in this culture and in this moment – I was created to be here.”

Participating Schools

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