Applications open December 1st for the 2022-2023 Program.

Thinking about becoming a Church Affiliate?

Thank you for your interest in the Church Affiliate Program of the Colson Fellowship. At the Colson Center we understand that the Church is God’s “Plan A” and there is no Plan B! As such, we exist to come alongside the local church to serve and assist you in the worldview formation of your members. For over twenty-five years the Colson Center has been helping countless individual Christians make sense of the world from a consciously Christian worldview.

Now, for the first time, we are offering the Colson Fellows Program to local churches. Below you will find answers to your basic questions. However, since our partnership begins with a relationship, we would like to offer you the opportunity to schedule a Zoom call in which you can speak with S. Michael Craven, Vice President for Equipping & Mobilization and he will walk you through the steps to becoming a Church Affiliate, program details, and answer any questions you are likely to have. Follow this link to schedule a time that works best for you.

The Colson Fellows Program at your church…led by you!

Church Affiliates of the Colson Fellows Program are facilitated by either your staff members or designated lay leaders who have successfully completed the Colson Fellows Program. If there are currently no commissioned Colson Fellows on staff or within your congregation, we will provide up to four full scholarships to candidates selected by you to serve as leaders in the second year of the program (the student or church will be responsible for book costs).

Program Schedule & Expectations

The program begins in July of each year when students are given access to the Colson Fellows Online Learning Platform. The program concludes in May of the following year and students who successfully complete the requirements receive their commission as Colson Fellows. The program requires a significant time commitment as students will invest between 6-8 hours per week reading 12-14 books throughout the year, daily devotions, video assignments, attending live webinars, and meeting each month in their study cohort. Church Affiliates determine admission requirements for their members and serve as their leaders and mentors as they proceed through the course.

Tuition & Payment

Through mutual agreement, Church Affiliates agree to purchase a minimum number of seats (typically 4-5) in exchange for a reduced cost of $450 per student. Additional seats can be purchased at the same individual rate as needed. There are additional costs for books of approximately $200. Church Affiliates only pay for those students who remain enrolled as of October 1st. This allows your learners to get settled into the Program and ensures that you only pay for those candidates who are most likely to complete the Program. Your students will pay their tuition directly to the church. We strongly recommend that you pass the tuition cost on to your students at a minimum as this is a rigorous program and financial investment on the part of the student reinforces their commitment to completing the Program.

Thank you for your interest in the Church Affiliate Program!

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Step 1: Complete & Submit a "Request for Information" and Schedule an Introductory Zoom Call

Now that you have submitted a request for more information, you can schedule a phone call or Zoom meeting with a member of the Colson Fellows leadership team where we will walk you through the program details and answer any questions you may have. Following this conversation, you can decide how and if you would like to proceed.

Step 2: Review & sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Once you’re ready to proceed, we will email you a simple “Memorandum of Understanding” (MOU), which will outline the terms and conditions of the partnership and what you can expect from the Colson Center throughout the relationship.

Step 3: Announce the Colson Fellows program at your church!

Before January of the following year, we will provide your Colson Fellows Leadership Team with the following in anticipation of a February-March admissions launch:

Website copy describing the “Colson Fellowship your church” for use on your website along with the requisite artwork and graphics.

A unique link to the Program Application for use on your website so your congregants can apply within and through your website.

Collateral materials such as brochures and videos for use in promoting the program to your congregation.

Step 4: Open application & admission to the program

Once your Program is launched, you will be ready to accept applicants so you can start recruiting for the forthcoming class that begins July 1st.

We will ensure that your Leadership Team is trained and ready to lead your Affiliate Program.

We will familiarize your Leadership Team with best practices learned over seventeen years.

We will forward all applications to your Leadership Team for review and approval.

Once we receive your team’s approval on each candidate, we will administer the enrollment process in cooperation with your leadership team.

Step 5: Start your class!

Beginning in July, we will email your learners with instructions on how to login to the Colson Fellows Learning Platform (CFLP) so they can access the “Introductory Course” where they will learn how to navigate the CFLP, review their schedule, the book list and curriculum, weekly reading assignments, daily devotions, and begin their assigned course work.

Your Leadership Team will host your “Introductory Meeting” for all learners in July.

The full course will officially open July 1st and your Leadership Team will host their first session.



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