Applications open January 3rd, 2022 for the 2022-2023 Program.

Go beyond the ordinary. Be radically Christian.

You believe in Jesus, but your everyday existence doesn’t look all that different from the way your non-Christian neighbors live, and you wonder if your life even matters. Colson Fellows are a diverse community of discerning Christ-followers who know that feeling. Most of our lives may look ordinary, but as C.S. Lewis reminds us, “there are no ordinary people.” Not when we are each made in God’s Image for an eternal destiny and called to live an earthly mission that reveals His Kingdom. Join us for a ten-month exploration of the Christian worldview and enter a dynamic and lifelong fellowship of believers committed to living courageously and faithfully—in the ordinary and extraordinary circumstances of these times.

Program Overview

Colson Fellows from across the globe complete a rigorous course of study that begins each July and concludes with their commissioning in May of the following year. In this ten month program, candidates follow a daily curriculum that is carefully curated and updated each year, read 12-14 books, and attend two live webinars each month with leading Christian thinkers in which they are able to engage in a lively, free-flowing exchange of ideas.

How do I attend the program?

The Colson Fellows Program is offered through a variety of mediums, which are designed to meet the varied needs of men and women with busy, complex lives. You can select which Cohort best serves you during the application process.

Regional Cohort Online Cohort Pastor Cohort International Cohort

Do you offer partnerships with churches and schools?

Yes. The Church Affiliate Program enables local churches to lead and provide the Colson Fellows Program to their members thereby equipping them for mission in today's post-Christian cultural context through worldview formation, enhanced cultural insight, biblical wisdom and Christ-centered cultural engagement.

Our commitment to Christian educators and schools begins by offering selected faculty and administrators at K-12 Christian Schools a fifty percent discount on tuition through our Academic Partnership Program. Upon commissioning, the Colson Center will then offer curriculum for use in the classroom that ranges from worldview foundations to cultural hot topics.

Academic Partnerships Church Affiliate Program

The value goes beyond the finances.

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The Colson Fellows Program


A payment plan is available as well as limited scholarships.

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“I was not anticipating the profound impact this would have on my life. I view this as one of a handful of life experiences that have been truly transformative.”

Array, “I was not anticipating the profound impact this would have on my life. I view this as one of a handful of life experiences that have been truly transformative.”, , , – Greg Finch, Social Work,

– Greg Finch, Social Work

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